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President and CEO Koji Ohara

With the support and encouragement of all stakeholders, the Don Quijote Group pursues store operations based on the corporate philosophy of “valuing the customer as our utmost priority” while demonstrating responsiveness to change, which we feel is the Group’s biggest strength. Medium- to long-term management targets in Vision 2020, which concludes in 2020, the year that Tokyo hosts the Olympic and Paralympic Games, are for 1 trillion yen in net sales, a store network of 500 locations and a return on equity of 15%.

In fiscal 2017, ended June 30, 2017, the effects of various government measures were to appear and the domestic economy was expected to gradually recover against a backdrop of better employment and healthier personal income status. But the path ahead remains unclear, clouded particularly by the possible impact of uncertainties in overseas economies and fluctuations in financial and capital markets and the need for paying careful attention to new developments. In the retail industry, purchasing activity was adversely affected by a prolonged slump in household spending resulting from weak business sentiment, despite steady improvement in employment and personal income environments. Consumers were already showing themselves to be cost-conscious and selective in their purchases, and these trends became more firmly entrenched.

Against this backdrop, the Don Quijote Group tirelessly demonstrated strengths built on a frontline emphasis and a store emphasis that distinguish the Group’s stores from those of its rivals and embraced aggressive management based on robust sales strategies. As a result, the Group posted another year of higher sales and operating income. This is entirely due to the support of our shareholders, and we extend our sincerest thanks to everyone involved in this commendable achievement.

The environment that surrounds us is ever-changing. Customer lifestyles and value perceptions are diversifying, fueled by such factors as fewer children and more seniors, noticeable depopulation of regional areas, globalization, social disparity, and innovations in information technology, such as the Internet of Things, big data and artificial intelligence. We must respond quickly to these changes, and we will need each and every employee to think long Koji Ohara President and CEO Dear Fellow Stakeholders and hard about what they can do for customers and to go through a repeated process of creative destruction that is not tied to conventional concepts or past successes to meet customer needs. We will work toward achieving Vision 2020 and creating stores that give customers an enjoyable shopping experience.

Going forward, we will continue to listen carefully to customers and constantly pursue innovation while discovering solutions to deal with social concerns that change with the times. We will also strive to be a general retailing group that has the enduring support of all stakeholders and work to further enhance corporate value.

November 2017